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Digital imaging, Photo Retouching.
David Luciano is a professional photo retoucher specializing in digital photo retouching, photo illustration and high end digital imaging. Luciano Retouching Inc. was an early pioneer of digital image enhancement, and we continue to raise the bar for our industry and clients alike. Luciano Retouching Inc. has worked for many companies direct and national advertising agencies for the past 40+ years. He has worked for clients such as Rolex, Sherwin Williams, McDonald’s, Moen, Nestle, Goodyear, Verizon, Playboy, Smucker’s to name a few.

Luciano’s photo retouching and image manipulation skills are based on over 40+ years of experience. Within these three decades a vast amount of images of all kinds have come across his studio. Almost anything imaginable – and sometimes seemingly impossible – was done to perfection and to the clients utmost satisfaction. Luciano’s productivity in an hour compared to other providers is unmatched. His extensive experience combined with state of the art equipment will compliment your creative designs with outstanding results providing photo realistic images with an un-retouched look. For a consultation, Call 216 406 5941 or, Email, images@lucianoretouching.com.

Photo Illustration,
Twisted Horn Image was created in 1992 using Photoshop 2.5. Yes before layers. If we could do that then, imagine what we could do for you today. We have over 40 years of retouching and color correcting experience including before there was Photoshop using dyes, bleach, brushes and airbrushes and paint.

Services and Process,

In today’s world of photography and advertising, working with a professional and creative photo realistic retouching artist is essential to your vision and business. This process is beneficial for more than just basic technical needs. Creative photo realistic retouching truly plays an important role in creating the final image your clients desire, and reflect the quality that you will to deliver.

•    Agencies

As an independent photo realistic retoucher, We work alongside some of the top advertising photographers and among other creative teams to create the visual trends you see today. The diverse opportunities and projects we have experienced allow us to bring a sense of contemporary style, refinement, and unique vision to any project as well as a network within the industry of other professional retouchers and digital artist to collaborate with for those larger projects.

•   Photographers

It is imperative that you separate yourself from the pack by working closely with a photo realistic retoucher. One who not only has the ability to fulfill the technical needs required, but one who will provide a fresh and creative approach. It is especially important to work with someone that has experience with all types of retouching, food, products, jewelry, people, cars, houshold,…  You need someone to trust, feel comfortable and communicate well with. Our photography clients are busy out doing what they love, making photographs. We are ready to work alongside the creative team to ensure that a project achieves the needs of the client, in a timely and efficient manner. Through experience, We have achieved the delicate balance necessary through a level of understanding when it comes to the client’s needs. Keeping these standards through maintaining the vision, personal style and aesthetic of the photographer’s body of work, while carefully creating the final image to match the fresh and current trends in advertising, as well as the client’s outward perception of their brand, is what separates our work from others in the field.


•    Photographic Compositing

Crafting a detailed, unique single image from multiple images, where the final product presents itself as both reliable and cohesive, is our passion. In this process, We pay close attention to detail down to each individual pixel, while blending and correcting lighting, delivering the ultimate goal of a fresh and clear, unified image. We work meticulously delivering a final result that fits perfectly, while never cutting corners.

•    Specialty Retouching

Projects involving beauty, cars, product, architecture retouching and other subject matter can require special understanding of what is needed as well as the way light interacts with the materials. We have worked on projects involving a wide range of subject matter. If needed we can always provide more samples of work that fall within your specific needs.

•    Photographic Detail Creation

A tedious task but one that is necessary to fill in gaps in an image when source material is not available  Creating detail is sometimes done in composites but occasionally can be needed to solve problems in a single image. To create detail at a photographic level requires good old fashion retouching techniques combined with a myriad of Photoshop tricks to give it that photographic feel.

•    Quick Turnaround

When you are up against a deadline and it just has to be done we will make it happen. We have hundreds, thousands of projects that have been completed start to finish overnight or over the weekend. Some due to short photography to press dates others due to last minute changes to a project. Whatever it is we will work to make it happen, just contact us by phone as opposed to email as soon as possible so we can plan on freeing up time for you.

•    Photographer’s Portfolio Retouching and Pricing

As a photographer to get the type of work you want you have to show that type of work in your portfolio and that should involve working and collaborating with a retoucher. I am interested in building long term relationships with photographers that want to go after those creative projects and help build a cohesive portfolio of images through post production work. If you are interested in working on portfolio work together I offer competitive rates to help in building a stronger body of work for you.

•    Pantone Color Matching or Product Color Matching

Ensuring your product is accurately represented in photographs is important, we can match the color of your product to the Pantone color it is supposed to be or change it to a completely different color. If Pantone color matching is a service you need on a project please let us know prior to starting.


•   Pre-Production Creative

The best results always come when everyone works together; I prefer working together from the start with the photographer and or the agency team to expand upon ideas as well as strategy to get the best results. Often this is during the estimation phase and I am more than happy to talk through the project and offer thoughts and suggestions, best of all its free! Lets figure out how to make your idea awesome together!

•   Continuous Backup

A full history of the file versions, elements and support files are all archived. We have jobs from 1992 still ready if you need them.

•   Digital File Delivery

Digital delivery of files is the fastest way to move files. For your convince we work with Dropbox as well as our own FTP server. Let us know what works best for you.

Ask about our Path and Mask Service. We do the work so you can get to what you are best at.

Photo Restoration

No Matter how Damaged, Faded, Ripped, Inked.
We can put the image back together.

Your original photo is not harmed or changed in anyway.
Call Now for a FREE quote/consultation for your project
Upload them through our FTP site.

How Your Photos Are Restored.
We digitally scan your original photo on a high end Scitex scanner. Then retouch it on one of our state of the art computer workstations. We then output a glossy or matt finish digital print to the size you have requested. When completed your entire job is archived and kept safe for any reprints you may request in the future.

Your original photo is not harmed or changed in anyway.

Call Now for a FREE quote/consultation for your project. You can send us your photos either by Mail or by Scanning them in and Uploading them through our FTP site. Please call or email for simple instructions.

Luciano Retouching Services’ Photo Restoration Division has been trusted with thousands of restorations since 1985. We restore, recapture and recreate the memories that we have frozen in time through photos. We are a Dedicated group of artists and technicians that get excited each time a new photo comes our way. We take great pride and care of your precious photos.

With our state of the art digital tools and Master Artists, we can repair any kind of damage whether it’s a tear, a crease, water or mold damage, fading, or even if your photo is in pieces. We will restore it to it’s former glory.
Whether it’s simple color correction, red-eye removal or a total digital make-over, let us retouch your not so perfect photos. We value your projects and can guarantee you will be amazed at our professional and beautiful results.